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Holy Sh!t We’re Alive is coming out on August 10th! Pre-order now to receive on launch day and get a few special bonuses.


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Ships August 10th, 2021

Pre-Order Now to Receive on Launch Day

Here's exactly what you'll receive as a part of this special offer:

What would it feel like to wake up each day inspired and empowered as part of something bigger?

“Doug Cartwright has been on a journey. He’s transformed his life, learned to love himself, and found meaning, purpose, and happiness.” ~ Dr. Benjamin Hardy

“Doug is one of the most enthusiastic magical thinkers I have ever known. Just being around him changes your frequency.” ~ Biet Simkin

“Pay attention to the pieces and chapters that speak to you—because, make no mistake, they are meant to.” ~ Kelsey Wells

“For those who are on the same path, this book is a must-read. We can all learn a lot from his journey to speed up our own.” ~ Kristen Ulmer

“Inspiring read on how science and spirituality can complement each other to enhance our experience on this planet.” ~ Ozan Varol

“Doug Cartwright tells a compelling story of how his life was positively impacted by psychedelic therapy, resulting in a fulfilling life of meaning and purpose.” ~ Rick Doblin, PHD